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Lemire's Plugworks Striped Bass Lures Lemire's Lures at Ocean State Tackle RI's Best Source for Quality Striper Fishing Lures for Cape Cod Canal and the New England Surf
Swedish Pimple Ice Fishing Jigs We have ice fishing jigs in stock RI's best source for ice fishing gear See why ice fishermen from West Springfield, Worcester, Boston and Cape Cod Mass. buy their ice fishing gear at Ocean State Tackle Dealer for Eskimo Augers and Shappell Jet Sleds Ocean State Tackle Providence RI RI's Bait and Tackle shop
Nightcrawlers and Trout Worms for Ice Fishing Bait RI ice fishing season is here and Ocean State Tackle has the trout worms, night crawlers and dillies you need for perch and crappy. Fat healthy worms raised in our own beds are the best bait for jigging Ocean State Tackle https://search.google.com/local/posts?q=Ocean+State+Tackle+RI+Bait+and+Tackle&ludocid=1710844960542291287&lpsid=314011581...
Mealworms for Ice Fishing Bait $2.50 Jigging for trout, perch and crappie with mealworms is one of the most effective ways to ice fish. Yellow perch are delicious and healthy to eat. Ocean State Tackle has the bait and gear you need for ice fishing
Eskimo Redneck One Piece Ice Fishing Chisel RI Ice Fishing Gear at Ocean State Tackle This One-Piece Chisel has a comfortable foam-grip that reduces vibration and a tether rope that keeps your chisel securely around your wrist. At 59.5 inches long, this chisel's triple-action chipper head increases surface area and focuses power to sharp points, allowing you to chip more with fewer strokes. S...
Arra Ultimate Needle by Ron Arra Surf Pro Lures Needlefish Lures for striped bass. RI's Ron Arra Lure Dealer is Ocean State Tackle Providence. We offer the largest selection of Ron Arra Plugs with over 60 models of Surf Pro Lures in stock Ron Arra is a 5-time National Distance Surf Casting Champion, professional casting instructor, best selling author and world renowned angler. Ron is also a ...
Lights Out Lures Lights Out Pencil Popper Lures 2 3/4 oz Buy the best striped bass lures at Ocean State Tackle Providence RI RI's best selection of lures for inshore, shore and surf fishing. Lights Out Lures are handcrafted locally in Massachusetts. We just got in a shipment of 2 3/4 and 3 1/4 ounce poppers that includes a new squid pattern. We also have Blue and Green Mackerel, Ghost Mackerel...
RI Yo Zuri Squid Jig Dealer Open Daily Yozuri Squid Jigs Yozuri Mini Floating Squid Jigs Newport Goat Island RI Squid Reports Yozuri Mini Squid Jigs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uyoq8r4yyg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trRZRrJOcQk Newport RI Squid Fishing Season will be here soon We have over 140 different Squid Jigs in Stock Yamshita Squid Jigs Yozuri Squid Jigs at RI's Squid Jig Sp...
Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Fishing Rods Daiwa International Carp Rods Daiwa International Carp Fishing Rods in stock at Ocean State Tackle Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2234 - 12ft / 2.75tc $199.95 Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2300 - 12ft / 3.00tc $199.95 Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2312LD - 12ft / 3.5tc $199.95 Ocean State Tackle has the largest carp fishing gear inventory in the Northeast.
Squid Jigs New Englands Best Selection of Squid Fishing Jigs Ocean State Tackle RI Bait and Tackle Squid Jigs RI Spring Squid Fishing Largest Selection Squid Jig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP2vIYxs8dM RI is known to have the best squid fishing in New England. Squid fishing in Newport and Jamestown RI is very popular and productive. Ocean State Tackle has the best selection of egi sutte a...
Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Fishing Rods Daiwa International Carp Rods - $199 Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Fishing Rods Daiwa International Carp Rods Daiwa International Carp Fishing Rods in stock at Ocean State Tackle Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2234 - 12ft / 2.75tc $199.95 Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2300 - 12ft / 3.00tc $199.95 Daiwa Emblem Pro Carp Rods EMPC2312LD - 12ft / 3.5tc $199.95 Ocean St...
Ice fishing Sounders $2 each Sounders are use to determine depth when using tilts Ocean State Tackle is RI's Ice Fishing Dealer
Ice Fishing Bait Herring Frozen Herring for Pike Bait Ice fishing season is here. Herring is one of the best baits for pike fishing. Pike fisherman from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island find herring to be one of the best producing baits for pike through the ice. Ocean State Tackle has Frozen Herring and Mackerel as well as shiners Ocean State Tackle offers ice fishing chisels, auger...
Ice Fishing Augers Power and Hand Augers for Ice Fishing Eskimo Hand Augers from $55 Eskimo Power Augers from $350 Ocean State Tackle has 6 and 8 inch hand augers in stock We have Basic hand augers and silvertip augers in stock Power augers here too Ocean State Tackle has ice fishing bait gear and accessories Come to Ocean State in Providence and see why ice fishermen from Cape Cod, Bosto...
Ice Fishing Safety Spikes Ice Fishing Self Rescue Spikes The Celsius Ice Escape Life Preserver is the ultimate safety device for ice fishing. Made with two easy-grip molded handles connected by a coil cord, the Ice Escape Life Preserver features two steel spikes that fit safely together end-to-end in the handles. For use in self-extraction from broken ice, drive the spiked ends into the ice an...
40-Up Ice/Snow Grabber Ocean State Tackle RI's Ice Fishing Shop 430 Branch Ave Providence Rhode Island 02904 This is a "four-prong sole" and a "two-prong heel" non-slip ice/snow grabber. Molded in heavy duty plastic with rugged metal studs. A very easy-on-easy off creeper. Made in Taiwan. Each set is individually packaged in attractive CLAM SHELL display pack. A popular winter product for 40...
Eskimo 6 Inch Ice Fishing Auger New 6-INCH ESKIMO HAND AUGER Eskimo® hand augers are a perfect travel companion for early-or-late-season ice anglers. Only weighing 6.5 pounds, the 6-Inch Hand Auger is lightweight and effortlessly cuts through the ice. The pommel handle allows for quick and easy turns through the ice and the cross-bolt takedown system prevents over-tightening when you drill. Co...
Shappell Jet Sleds for Sale Ocean State Tackle offers JS Jr and JS1 Jet Sleds starting at $30 Ice Fishing Bait for Sale 401 965 BAIT Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sleds are constructed of rugged polyethylene offer molded runners and include tow rope. Ocean State Tackle offer live bait hooks and tackle for ice fishing We offer them and black and camo Tags Jet Sleds, Jet Sled, Ice Fishing Sled , Ic...
Fishing Bait and Supplies for Ice Fishing Attleboro and Seekonk Mass Ice Fishing in Mansfield. Attleboro , Seekonk or East Providence Buy your shiners at Ocean State Tackle Providence 401 965 2248 Ice Fishing Bait 5am - 3pm Sat and Sunday Live Bait Noon to 6pm Friday Open Monday thru Thurs 6am to 1pm
Mackerel for Ice Fishing Bait Pike Fishing Bait Ice Fishing Bait for Sale 401 965 BAIT Ocean State Tackle has mackerel for ice fishing for pike Mackerel is one of the best baits for Northern Pike Tags Ice Fishing Bait, Ice Fishing Supplies, Ice Fishing Gear, RI Ice Fishing, Mass Ice Fishing Pike Fishing Bait, Bait for Ice Fishing
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